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Sebastian Munden

Ad Net Zero Chair

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John Osborn

Ad Net Zero Director

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Anthony Falco

Ad Net Zero Global Consultant

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Elle Chartres (née Crossman)

Ad Net Zero UK Director

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Advertising's response to the climate crisis.

The climate emergency is the most pressing issue affecting us all, and our advertising industry can play a huge role in driving positive change.

We want to help our industry deliver on its full potential to support businesses and people to deal with this emergency and build a more sustainable future.

The climate emergency is a global matter, and as a global industry, we need global solutions.

Introducing: Ad Net Zero – the advertising industry’s drive to reduce the carbon impact of developing, producing and running advertising to real net zero.


It is crucial that we work together to continue the momentum. We need your support.

Cannes Lions

For the first time this year, the Festival is introducing sustainability criteria in every award entry. This is such an important step in the path to make every ad a green ad, as the LIONS team will be using the entry data to provide a benchmark report year-on-year for how the industry is making progress on embedding sustainability into its work.

This data will allow the Cannes Lions team, with Ad Net Zero input, to analyse the entries, see how and where the industry is taking steps to be more sustainable, and open the debate about when and how this is further embedded as standard criteria in award entries.

Please note: for 2023 entries, this will be an optional question for information-gathering purposes only.

Submissions for the awards have now closed. For information on when shortlists and winners will be announced, head to the Cannes Lions webpage

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