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Sonja Underwood

Head of Marketing


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Established in February 2020, Garden Studios aims to be the most friendly, supportive and sustainable film studio in London. We know it will take time to achieve this, but we take this journey seriously and keep it front of mind every day.


Garden Studios is the largest-scale film studio in central London with a total footprint of 300,173 sq. ft. We house five sound stages totalling 48,025 sq. ft., with the largest offering at 23,350 sq. ft, additional sound-treated stages, a virtual production stage of 4,800 sq. ft, a 12 x 4m and a 26 x 4.5m LED volume (in partnership with Anna Valley) with wet hire, and three virtual production training rooms. Supporting spaces include production offices, workshops, green rooms, costume and hair & makeup rooms, private meeting pods that overlook our canalside, and parking. 


Garden Studios was built with our values deeply embedded in the fabric of our studio. We prioritise sustainability, inclusivity, education, innovation, and accessibility. We set high standards for ourselves and, though we know the best goals are achieved only after years of hard work, we are proud of the milestones we've already reached. At Garden Studios our focus is on talent, and by talent, we mean everyone involved in the creative process and who brings to life the media, film, and TV that inspire our world. We look towards the future and welcome all creatives to join us on our journey.

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