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Seth Jackson



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At Strange Thoughts, we are an innovation agency driven by our core principle of 'Tech for Joy'. Our focus is on delivering incredible, technology-driven creativity for forward-thinking brands that are unafraid to take bold steps.


We take the most intriguing emerging technologies and combine them with some of the world's biggest brands and entertainment companies to develop campaigns that captivate, delight and surprise. Our repertoire ranges from mind-controlled beer pouring robots to citizen spacecraft, translating dog collars, cloud-harvesters, and electromagnetic drones. We take these fascinating technologies and transform them into engaging experiences, activations and stories.


Our clientele includes major consumer brands like Unilever, McDonald’s, and Deliveroo, as well as entertainment behemoths like Universal, Viacom, Sony, and Warner. Our award-winning work has been produced for musical artists from Ariana Grande to Aphex Twin, and we are committed to exporting our unique brand of tech-led creative process.


At Strange Thoughts, we believe that true creativity can only flourish in an unrestricted environment. We rely on radical collaboration and our vast global network of the most brilliant minds in creativity and technology, spanning from choreographers to astrophysicists. This approach enables us to match every brand brief with the perfect Strange Thinker.


Our lab-based problem-solving methodology, known as radical collaboration, blends curious creativity with commercial viability. We act as translators for our network, connecting our clients with the right talent for each project. Our network is constantly generating new ideas, with numerous innovations ready to match their ideal brand partner. We work exclusively with the most innovative brand partners to deliver courageous propositions, campaigns, and executions, while ensuring that all complexities are handled on our side, and we provide guaranteed delivery.

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