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Ben Thompson

Senior Lead Presenter, BBC News

Ben Thompson is a business journalist who presents Business Today on the BBC News channel – Business Today is a daily, half-hour show that brings an international perspective on the big business news stories of the day, including a look back at what happened overnight in Asia and a full briefing on the trading day ahead in Europe and the US. He regularly interviews global business leaders as part of the show.

He is also a co-presenter of Breakfast on BBC One, the UK’s flagship morning news programme. 

Previously Ben was the BBC's North America Business Correspondent, based in New York and Middle East Business Correspondent, based in Dubai.  

Since he moved back to the UK, Ben has moved around the country, meeting factory and shop workers, CEOs and small business owners. He is interested at how politics impacts business, the rise of nationalism and populism in Britain and how businesses feel about the future.

He considers the future of the workplace, the skills that coming generations will need and those that we currently lack to fulfil the needs of new tech startups and multi-national companies. Ben also tackles diversity and inclusion in business, and the importance of getting it right.

Areas of Expertise: 

UK, US and Middle East business

The impact of global politics on global business

The global cost-of-living crisis and what this means for brands

The future of the workplace

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Ben Thompson
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