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As a country, and an industry, we take immense pride in being among the top 3 Cannes Lions winners*, alongside the United States and Brazil. Year after year, the UK showcases its cutting-edge innovation, leading the conversation, and supporting the growth of the creative economy. 


Congratulations to the UK for being awarded 106 Lions; 41 bronze, 33 Silver, 27 Gold and 5 Grand Prix's this year!

The UK advertising industry was out in full force at the prestigious Cannes Lions festival in 2023. Our talented representatives made appearances on stage at the Palais, judging and awarding the much-coveted Lions, as well as competing in the Young Lions; Plus participating in 24 fringe events. 

It was amazing to be joined at Cannes Lions' 70th year with a truly global cohort, to be able to experience the power of a smart conversation to achieve GREAT results.


You can easily access the list of UK companies who joined us and get to know the people behind the brands. 

While we all wait for Cannes Lions 2024, why not check out some great reading material beforehand?

Read about the UK's GREAT results through their SMART campaigns here. 

*Results collected from 2005

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