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Mark Wilson

Executive Producer


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Thomas Walters

Europe CEO


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Edward East

Founder & Group CEO


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Permele Doyle

Founder & US President


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Piet Southey

Head of Growth, Europe


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Joele Forrester

Marketing manager


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Maxime Rozencwajg.jpeg

Maxime Rozencwajg

Senior Account Director


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Billion Dollar Boy is a global influencer marketing agency creating award winning influencer led advertising campaigns, with a team of 150 influencer marketers across five offices.


It started with a phone call in 2014 between three friends – Ed East, Permele Doyle and Thomas Walters – all quick to realise the untapped influencer phenomenon. Ed was such a big fan of Pharrell Williams that when the rapper launched his Billionaire Boys Club fashion label, he bought the domain name, with the hope that it may lead to an intro. The name stuck but we’re still waiting for a phone call from Pharrell.

Our Future Behaviours

Our collective thinking has informed a set of Future Behaviours that we believe will positively change the industry. These future behaviours are a goal – behaviours we can start to put into practice from today, and build on for tomorrow.

  • Work with brands, but on behalf of people

  • Seek out voices less heard, act upon what they tell you

  • Be fair to everyone, then you’ll have nothing to hide

  • Treat your clients like friends and employees like best friends

  • Solve problems with a curious mind

  • Empower employees with a framework for freedom

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