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Chrome Productions is a full-service, global production company with offices in London & Los Angeles that creates ground-breaking, inspiring and award-winning commercials, branded content & original scripted and non- scripted programming.

Born into the world of extreme sports over two decades ago, we are adventurous in spirit and constantly seek the road less travelled. This energy and passion allows us to consistently punch above our weight as a full-service production partner, delivering creative solutions to our clients across luxury, sports, travel, and automotive spaces – allowing them to communicate through film in ways that separate them from the competition. Our global team stand on the edge of what’s possible, solving complex client challenges in human ways, and crafting world-class content on demanding digital budgets. We’re known for our kindness, emotionality, edge and agility, but above all else our ruthless pursuit of excellence in creativity and partnership.

The team on the ground in Cannes

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