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Step into the future with Bad Star Studios, where we once might have been labelled witches for our magical blend of creativity and technology. An independent full-service creative and virtual production studio. Helping forward-thinking organisations reduce their carbon emissions while increasing their creative delivery.

Harness the Power of Our Four Omens: Creativity, Innovation, Efficiency, and Partnerships. These principles are the cornerstone of our mission to drive sustainable practices that elevate your brand and build sustainable practices into your marketing.

We are on the path to B-Corp certification and take pride in contributing 1% to the Planet, championing positive changes across the industry that benefit our clients and the environment.

Our in-house creative, production and post-production departments are scalable and yours for the taking to build your in-house capabilities. Consisting of a diverse team of producers, creatives and digital artists that are capable of handling everything from immersive creative campaigns to quick turnaround social media assets.
No matter what you dream up, we can make it happen. Keeping you ahead of the competition and in full control of your brand assets.

We work with companies that have a belief in the power of creativity coupled with an environmental conscience.


Let’s make more than just great content—let’s make a lasting impact. #CRAFTEDwithCARE

The team on the ground in Cannes

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